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business schools

Which are the main Spanish business schools?

The 2021 European Business School Rankings gather together 95 European business schools based on rankings of the finest MBAs, Executive […]

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European residency

Greece: obtain your European residency in exchange for €250,000

Greece has been declared one of the latest interesting destinations for investment and the possibility of obtaining European residency, due […]

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retire in the caribbean

Complete guide to retire in the Caribbean

The Carribean islands is composed of 25 independent countries and other territories. It is located in the Caribbean Sea: southeast […]

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Weekend getaway to Madrid

Weekend getaway to Madrid

There are too many sights in Madrid alone to see and experience in a weekend. Here are some of the […]

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Health Insurance for digital nomads

Guide to Health Insurance for digital nomads

Health Insurance is essential for digital nomads. A digital nomad is a person whose job allows him or her to […]

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second passport

How to obtain a second passport

For many individuals, particularly high net worth individuals, a second passport has become an essential document for many reasons. A […]

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Searching for a job in Spain

Searching for a job in Spain after finishing your studies? Here are some things to take note

Many international students wish to begin working after finishing their studies in Spain. In these situations, the residence permit for […]

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hire foreign professionals

Do you want to hire foreign professionals? We tell you what visa you need

Many companies in Spain are looking for hire highly qualified foreign professionals who have skills not yet available in the […]

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real estate investment

Make a real estate investment in Spain and obtain the residency

For wealthy individuals, another residence in another country is a good investment particularly at this time when the freedom of […]

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studying in spain

Studying in Spain, what should I do?

Studying in Spain is very attractive, as the country is home to some of the most famous business schools in […]

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