Which are the main Spanish business schools?

The 2021 European Business School Rankings gather together 95 European business schools based on rankings of the finest MBAs, Executive MBAs, Masters in Management, and executive programs published throughout the year. The rating comes at a critical moment for business schools, with border closures and limits on class attendance making students and employers reconsider enrolling in the programs. This is on top of online and hybrid teaching, innovative educational methods, and fee reductions. The top five Spanish schools in the rankings are IESE Business School (4th), IE Business School (12th), ESADE Business School (13th), ESCP Business School (14th), and EADA Business School Barcelona (25th).

IESE Business School

IESE was founded in Barcelona and has two campuses there. The first is the Barcelona Campus Sur, which is located at 21 Pearson Avenue. The second campus, Campus Norte, is located at 3 Calle de Arns y de Gar. IESE Business School is the postgraduate business management school of the University of Navarra. It was created in the Catalan capital in 1958, and in 1963 it partnered with Harvard Business School to launch Europe’s first two-year MBA program.

The care and personalized attention that IESE provides to students throughout the program, including meetings and work in small groups, personalized and continuous support, and an open-door policy for faculty, have all contributed to the high levels of satisfaction expressed by former students about their experience at IESE. The school’s highly international faculty and student body enable livelier classroom conversations that rely on the cohort’s, faculty’s, and course content’s different viewpoints and business experiences. According to the British journal, the average satisfaction level with IESE was 9.57 on a 10-point scale among those polled. The rating also emphasizes IESE’s capacity to assist students reach their goals, with 90 percent of those polled believing that their goals had been met because to the school’s excellent performance.

For the third year in a row, IESE’s MBA program is ranked #1 in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). The rating examines the program’s content on sustainability, ethics, and social and environmental issues. This job validates IESE’s commitment to working on sustainability from all angles; students study disciplines that cover the social, environmental, and ethical elements of business, from how corporations handle the planet around them to how they treat each of your workers.

Through professional competence, ethics, and a spirit of service, IESE develops leaders who strive to make a meaningful, beneficial, and long-lasting effect on people, businesses, and society. It is a world-renowned business school with a purpose, motivating leaders who believe in the value of everyone. Through worldwide management programs and research-based leadership, IESE helps men and women on their lifetime learning journey.

ESADE Business School

ESADE is a global academic institution noted for the quality of its education, its international perspective, and a distinct emphasis on the full development of the individual. It is a global academic school noted for its educational excellence, international viewpoint, and emphasis on comprehensive human development. For almost 60 years, ESADE has been a top-ranked Business & Law School in the globe. It is a non-profit academic organization that raises the bar in management and legal education throughout the world. An innovation and transformation specialist with the goal of developing future professionals capable of directing initiatives that produce economic value while also having a good impact on the environment, people, and society.

ESADE has strong ties to the business sector and consists of a Business School, a Law School, and an Executive Education section. The school has its own original learning methodology, which is focused on values internalization and the development of professional and management abilities. It creates fresh information that helps to improve the dynamics of organizations, businesses, and legal practice. ESADE is also a gathering and debate forum with the goal of contributing to societal progress.

IE Business School

IE Business School is devoted to providing high-level training that is customized for each student. Its goals are to advise and encourage students on their path to success by providing individualized programs that highlight their unique traits. It does not believe that higher education should be the same for everyone. On the contrary, it aims to ensure that their programs are useful and tailored to each student’s goals and desires. It is the program’s responsibility to adapt to the student, not the other way around. IE Business School values students’ skill and potential, as well as the diversity of opinions and backgrounds that exists within our network of future leaders. It emphasizes innovation, entrepreneurship, developing a worldwide community, and, most importantly, the students.

The IE Tower, IE University’s new vertical, technological, and sustainable headquarters in the north of Madrid, was inaugurated in September 2021, reaffirming Spain’s capital as a leading global educational hub and joining IE University’s current locations in Madrid’s financial district, as well as the historic campus in Segovia, in the 13th century Convent of Santa Cruz la Real. The Liquid Learning concept at the University alters the educational experience in all undergraduate, postgraduate, and executive education programs. Programs in the new model include a unique design that merges classes on campus for all of IE University’s students, who now come from 140 countries. Face-to-face and online students are connected in hybrid sessions for the same immersive experience and academic excellence.