Greece: obtain your European residency in exchange for €250,000

Greece has been declared one of the latest interesting destinations for investment and the possibility of obtaining European residency, due to its low cost of living in comparison to other nations, as well as its consistent rise in real estate value.

Applicants for this visa can get residency in the European Union in the shortest amount of time and for the least amount of money in Europe, in only 60 days and for only €250,000. Foreign businesses may use the Golden Visa Greece to choose a new site for their business as well as an appealing and convenient place to live – magnificent landscapes, a wonderful Mediterranean climate, and very good value for money in the real estate market.

Non-EU citizens who want to contribute significantly to the Greek economy can apply for a Golden Visa Greece, which is a resident visa for investment. Buying real estate worth at least €250,000 is the most prevalent way to invest in Greece. So option besides purchasing a home in Greece that foreign investors choose is the Golden Visa Greece. You will be able to buy a house on one of Greece’s gorgeous islands while also obtaining a residency visa, allowing you and your family to live lawfully in the nation.

Steps to obtain European residency through an investment in Greece

To get this visa, here are the steps to follow. Initially, you can choose the property that will provide you with the most return on investment, whether for personal or rental usage.

Orience will prepare the required material for the application procedure, including documents that must be translated and/or legalized. Orience’s attorneys will sign the deed of sale and seek a tax return number on your behalf.

Payment can be done from your home country by transferring funds from your bank account. Opening a bank account in Greece is not required.

Once the application has been finalized, it will be essential to fly to Greece to obtain fingerprints and an official picture. A temporary residence permit will be given, which will be valid until your residence card arrives. When your application for a resident permit is accepted, you will be issued a residency card that is good for five years.

Special visa for digital nomads

The Greek government is considering the creation of a single visa for digital nomads. The approach, which will be implemented soon, is the outcome of a collaboration between the Greek ministries of migration and foreign affairs to assist remote employees in navigating this new trend. The government’s objective is to provide a well-organized and appealing atmosphere for people who want to work in this refined style. This digital nomad visa may be supported by tax breaks to promote long-term investments.

5G networks are now operational in major Greek cities and will soon be available on numerous Greek islands, and tax benefits are being provided to anyone relocating to Greece.

Why invest in Greece?

Greece is now one of the most appealing nations for investors, particularly the city of Athens, which is undergoing a surge in investment. The severe economic crisis that plagued Greece in recent years has passed, and everything indicates that real estate in Athens will become a fantastic business opportunity. The over 30 percent surge in acquisitions in the Athens real estate market in the last year is proof of this. Investing in Athens now is a wise decision since it is Greece’s economic hub. It presently contributes 19.9 percent of the country’s GDP, more than any other EU capital, and Trading Economics estimates that the country’s economy will continue to develop at a 1.2 percent annual pace. Additionally, the primary stock index, ASE Bol Athens, is one of the most bullish in the eurozone, with a yearly return of 10%, placing it at the top of the PIGS group. Its ten-year bond has risen in price by 11% in recent months, leaving a yield of 3.66 percent.

If you are looking for a good neighborhood to live or invest in, consider Kypseli, one of the most popular and oldest in Athens; its name means “beehive,” as the region was once a rural area densely wooded with thyme and pine trees. Walking is the ideal way to explore this exquisite neighborhood because there is so much to see and do. The first thing one notices in Kypseli is the diverse architectural styles, ranging from neoclassical mansions to modern Bauhaus designs, with each structure displaying its own unique architectural elements, particularly those of Fokionos Negri, a boulevard that follows a river from which it takes its name. Very close to the center and where one of the metro stops of the new line being built in the city, due to be completed in 5-7 years, will be located.