dual citizenship

Become a dual citizen and get a second Passport

Persons with dual citizenship hold passports of two countries where both states recognize the rights and obligations of a person […]

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diversification of investments

Diversification of investments as a solution to the need for travel visas

The concept of diversification of investments is not only linked to the value of money and obtaining an economic return […]

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tourist visa

Stop queuing for a tourist visa. How to get it?

As an Indian investor, you will find it interesting to know that you can travel without the need to apply […]

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European residency

Greece: obtain your European residency in exchange for €250,000

Greece has been declared one of the latest interesting destinations for investment and the possibility of obtaining European residency, due […]

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second passport

How to obtain a second passport

For many individuals, particularly high net worth individuals, a second passport has become an essential document for many reasons. A […]

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citizenship by investment

Best Citizenship by Investment for Indians

Indian citizens with high purchasing power and a certain social status are increasingly seeking a second passport by citizenship by […]

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Golden visa Portugal, what changes in 2022

There are three ways by which an investor can avail of the Golden Visa Portugal: An investor can make an […]

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D7 or Golden Visa for Portugal—which one to choose?

Are you looking to obtain dual citizenship with Portugal? If this is the case, it is essential to compare the […]

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The Best Neighborhoods for Real Estate Investments in Barcelona

Barcelona’s charms include more than just the weather, the sea, and transportation. The fast-paced life in the vibrant Catalan capital […]

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Golden Visa Greece, how you can explore a new lifestyle abroad

Greece is a huge, complex, and visually gorgeous country with sun-drenched islands, towering mountains, busy cities, and ageless customs. It […]

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