European residency

Greece: obtain your European residency in exchange for €250,000

Greece has been declared one of the latest interesting destinations for investment and the possibility of obtaining European residency, due […]

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Golden Visa Greece, how you can explore a new lifestyle abroad

Greece is a huge, complex, and visually gorgeous country with sun-drenched islands, towering mountains, busy cities, and ageless customs. It […]

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Golden visa Greece for indians, top 10 places to visit

Greece is often referred to as the seat of Western civilization. These ancient islands have been blessed with the Aegean, […]

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Green Light to COVID-19 Travel Certificates. Enjoy this summer with your Golden Visa

Some weeks ago, the European Commission announced that in order to let tourists enter the EU countries, they will be […]

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If you are a digital nomad, make Greece your home with the Golden Visa Greece

It’s not just a job; it’s a lifestyle, a way of maintaining a harmonious balance between work and travel. The […]

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golden visa greece

Golden Visa Greece, discover the best islands to live

The Mediterranean country of Greece is famous for its ideal climate and marvelous landscapes, which is the reason why Greece […]

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Buy real estate in Greece: the best neighborhoods to Invest in Athens

Entrepreneurs are looking forward to investing in Athens, the capital of Mediterranean Greece. Known for its unique and historical architecture […]

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