Green Light to COVID-19 Travel Certificates. Enjoy this summer with your Golden Visa

Some weeks ago, the European Commission announced that in order to let tourists enter the EU countries, they will be granting certificates to travellers that have received full vaccination against COVID-19 or, alternatively, have recently received a negative test result or have recovered from the infection. This decision was to help improve the tourism industry of the countries that have border controls and entry bans for over a year now to avoid the entrance of non-residents of the country that wanted to make a visit. Nevertheless, the release of the vaccines has motivated the EU countries to look for solutions for residents and visitors to adapt easily to the new normal, and restore the freedom for travelling. You can move freely around Europe thanks to this certificate and your Golden Visa

The president of the European Commision, Ursula von der Leyen, first presented the EU vaccine passport in March. This certificate would enable people to travel to any European country without the need of a 14-day quarantine upon arrival to the country and have unrestricted access to public places starting June of 2021.

Changes of the UE Travel Certificate

Following the new updates on the certificate with the summer season approaching, some changes have been proposed by the MEPs, which includes the modification of the certificate’s name into the “EU COVID-19 certificate” instead of the Digital Green Certificate. Moreover, the certificate should be in place for a maximum of 12 months and will specify the vaccine the holder has received and the amount of doses. The vaccines that have been approved by the European Medicines Agency include Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson. Thus, non-European people with one of these vaccines will be eligible to visit an EU country that has lifted the restrictions.

Golden Visa to travel around Europe

Some European countries offer various programs to foreign entrepreneurs that want to acquire a residency permit in the country. The best option in the market is the Golden Visa, which will also allow them to establish a new location for a partnership, or to find a new home for their family. The EU COVID-19 certificate will also open new opportunities to international investors that want to travel to an European country for business.

The golden visa is granted once the applicants have invested in real estate within an EU member country that offers this program, such as Greece, which will allow foreign visitors with the COVID-19 travel certificate to enter the country this summer as the Tourism Minister Harry Tehocharis announced on March 9. The holders of this visa and their family members will be able to live, work and study in the country, as well as to have the opportunity to travel within the Schengen area without the need of an additional visa.

The EU COVID-19 certificate will be the first step for international families that want to visit or relocate to an European country with the use of the Golden Visa. There will be no need for them to quarantine, self-isolate or test upon arriving – visa-holders with the COVID-19 certificate will be free to enjoy the summer in one of the amazing beaches in Greece, or savour the magnificent Spanish cuisine in a terraza in Les Rambles in Barcelona.

With the Golden Visa, the summer of 2021 in one of these European countries that have lifted their restrictions to visitors that are holders of a EU COVID-19 certificate can turn into a longer stay. This investment in real estate is the free pass for whole families to enjoy a more prosperous life, with the chance to change location in crisis situations or when unexpected life-threatening situations, such as the current health crisis. The EU COVID-19 certificate will allow you to enter the European country you choose, but with the Golden Visa, you and your family can stay.