Golden visa Greece for indians, top 10 places to visit

Greece is often referred to as the seat of Western civilization. These ancient islands have been blessed with the Aegean, the Ionian and the Mediterranean seas and boasts of beautiful sun-drenched landscapes. Enjoy the best of the country with your Golden Visa Greece.

The ten best places to visit in Greece to experience the Greek lifestyle are the following:


Athens is the capital of Greece and in the 5th century BC, the center of an ancient and powerful empire. It is a mix of the modern and historical.

A modern subway system, wide freeways, spotless streets and well-manicured parks exist along with the Acropolis on which stands the Parthenon, the magnificent temple to Athena, and the Temple of Erechtheum among many others. Here too stands the New Acropolis Museum, an archeological museum dedicated to the findings on the Acropolis.

In and around Athens can be found the hills of ancient Agora where the Temple of Hephaestus can be found, Olympia where the Temple of Zeus still proudly stands, the historical neighborhood of Plaka and the National Archeological Museum, one of the most important museums in the world dedicated to ancient Greek art.

  1. CRETE

The Palace of Knossos is the most fascinating historical site in Crete. Knossos was the Bronze Age capital of the Minoans, an ancient and sophisticated civilization that ruled vast parts of the Aegean.  The palace holds an extraordinary wealth of frescoes, sculptures, jewelry and structures that attest to this.

The Cretan cuisine is the healthiest in the world.  It’s rural tavernas produce their own meat, cheese, olive oil, herbs, raki and wine, and they catch their own seafood.  Recipes are often passed down through many generations.


Delphi is a small Greek town and a sacred site that overlooks a vast grove of olives that lead down to the Gulf of Corinth. It is where the Sanctuary of Apollo, home to the ancient world’s most renowned oracle is located.


Rhodes Old Town is Greece’s medieval town that is surrounded by a double ring of high walls and deep moat. It’s history and culture have been shaped by the Classical, Ottoman and Italian occupation.

It is a living museum that has cobbled alleyways, soaring archways and lively squares that give this town its medieval feel. The ancient Knight’s Quarters, Jewish Quarter, the Turkish Quarter are worth visiting.


It is in a cave in Patmos where St. John, the beloved apostle of Christ, received the apocalyptic visions that are recorded in the Book of Revelations in the Bible.

It is also one of the best places to experience the Easter celebrations of the Greek Orthodox Church. The island comes to life with fireworks, dancing in the streets, goats roasted in outdoor pits, and plenty of ouzo. The celebrations begin on the evening of Good Friday with a candle-lit procession of flower-filled biers through the streets and ends on Holy Saturday night where shouts of Hristos Anesti (Christ is Risen) are heard throughout the town and eggs dyed a bright red are cracked.


The Cyclades are a group of Greek islands peppered with dazzling white villages and blue-domed churches, interesting archeological sites and lovely beaches.

The islands of Mykonos, Ios, Delos, Andros, Amorgos, Santorini, Donousa, and Anafi from myth and Hollywood are just a ferry hop away from each other.


Meteora is famous for its massive pillars of rock that rise heavenwards and topped by ancient Byzantine monasteries.

Built in the 14th century by monks fleeing persecution, they were accessible only by rope ladders. Today, can be reached by steps carved into the rock. Six of the twenty four monasteries remain open to resident monks and visitors in this World Heritage site.


Thessaloniki is a Greek port city that is filled with the ruins from Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman structures.

It is a university town with a vibrant cultural and art scene, and a lively nightlife.

  1. HYDRA

Hydra can only be reached by sea and has no airport and no cars.

This charming stone village of white-gold houses is tucked into a natural cove that hugs the mountainside. All sorts of boats fill Hydra’s quays and quaint cafes and taverns fill the harbor.

  1. CORFU

Since the 8th century, this island the ancient Greeks called Kerkyra has been prized for its untamed beauty and strategic location and has been fought over by ancient armies.

It was known for its learning and artistry thanks to the influence of the Venetians, French and British who ruled the island before it was united with the rest of Greece in 1864.

The Greek Golden Visa

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