The World’s Healthiest Cities. Start a healthier life with a Golden Visa of your choice

Many countries in the world offer the possibility to foreign entrepreneurs to obtain a residency permit through the Golden Visa program. This program grants the applicant and his family the opportunity to live, work and study in the country that offers the program in exchange for an investment in real estate. The visa-holders will be eligible to benefit from the many advantages that come from this program, such as the possibility to visit other Schengen countries without the need of an additional visa if the Golden visa you acquire is in Europe. Moreover, the peak benefit of a residency permit is that you can enjoy living in some of the world’s healthiest cities.

Investment options to obtain the Golden Visa

The number of international investors that are interested in the Golden Visa is increasing for the affordability and advantages that will be granted to the whole family. One of the main reasons a Golden Visa is attractive is for the advantages that come from living in the country in particular. For instance, Spain offers this visa program for a real estate investment of a minimum of €500,000. The cities of Madrid and Valencia are the top 1 and 2 in the list of World’s Healthiest Cities in the World, and the great public and private healthcare system of the country might be one of the reasons. The process for this residency option typically takes 60 days and does not require any length of stay in Spain in order to benefit from all rights granted by it, as long as the investor chooses among these investment options:

  • A real estate investment of a minimum of €500,000
  • A €1,000,000 investment in shares or business of Spanish companies
  • A €2,000,000 investment into Spanish government bonds
  • A fund transfer of €1,000,000 into a Spanish bank account

After residing in Spain for 5 years, the golden visa-holders can be eligible to obtain the permanent residence, and after 10 years, the spanish citizenship.

What are the cities that offer a healthier quality of life?

After the spanish cities, on top 3 and 13 on the list of the 20 healthiest cities in the world are two portuguese cities: Lisbon and Porto. The country also offers a Golden Visa program for international investors that want to buy a property in the country and receive a residency permit in exchange. The best investment options for this visa are a purchase of real estate for at least €500,000. Once you receive your golden visa, you will be able to move to the safest country in the world. For both Golden visas in Spain and Portugal, the lifestyle is led by a Mediterranean cuisine famous for being rich in Omega-3 and its fresh ingredients. Also, with these visas you can enjoy freedom of movement through the Schengen Zone and visit other European countries.

In the top 4 and 10 in the list of the healthiest cities in the world we find Vienna in Austria and Zurich in Switzerland respectively. These European countries also offer a Golden visa, but the method of investment is different than in the previous countries. To acquire these golden visas you must invest in something which would create jobs and have an impact on the economy of the country. Also, with these visas, as well as in the other European Golden Visas you can enjoy freedom of movement through the Schengen Zone and visit other European countries.

How can help you Orience International

If you are planning to move to a healthier city in Europe, our experts in Orience will help you and give you advice on what is the best investment option for you and your family.

The process for the application of the Golden visa in one of the previous programs mentioned earlier starts with the submission of the required legal documents as well as the residence application. Once your residence application has been examined and approved, you will be issued a residence permit that will allow you to enjoy the advantages that come from living in one of the top 20 Healthiest Cities in the World, specially during these times whereas health is a top priority.