Main benefits of the Golden Visa for indians

The Golden Visa is a residence permit that is obtained by international entrepreneurs through an investment of an specific amount determined by the country one is applying to. This will give the investor and their family the possibility to live, study and work in the country. The Golden visa is an opportunity for families to have a plan B during this pandemic, whereas applicants are looking for a better healthcare system, top-quality education and a lower cost of living compared to the country they are currently residing. Furthermore, the Golden Visa will lead you to a faster acquisition of a permanent residency.

Why choose the Golden Visa program

Wealthy individuals in India choose the Golden Visa as their way to settle a business in a country with a positive potential of success, as well as to benefit from the advantages that come from living in one of these advanced countries. The golden visa is the best route for Indian entrepreneurs and their family members that want to stay in another country legally, since India does not allow dual citizenship.

Countries that offer the Golden Visa

United Kingdom

One of the most famous golden visas among Indians is the Golden visa UK. This has allowed Indian investors, and their family members since 2015, to move to one of the countries that form the United Kingdom. In order to obtain this permit, Indian investors must apply for a Tier 1 Investor Visa, which is granted to individuals who invest at least £2 million in the country. If the visa recipient decides to permanently reside in the UK, there are three options available:

  • Investment of £10 million after 2 years
  • Investment of £5 million after 3 years
  • Investment of £2 million after 5 years

 A golden visa-holder can stay for three years and four months, but cannot avail of any public funds, such as benefits, tax credits and housing assistance.


Another country that offers a Golden visa and has various immigrations programs developed to support business ideas is Germany. The European country has the largest and strongest economy in the continent, making it the ideal location for entrepreneurs from India that want to invest in a business with guaranteed success.

By obtaining the golden visa, family members will have the opportunity to study in one of the top ranking schools in the country, ensuring better career options in business and industry, compared to graduates from other institutions in other countries.

The best investment option for the Golden Visa Germany is through a contribution of €250,000 in real estate, and an additional investment of €100,000 in an ongoing regional development project, a total investment of €350,000. This will allow the principal investor and the family members to reside in the country for a period of 3 years, with the possibility of visiting other countries within the Schengen area for up to 90 days per visit in each six month period.

Other countries

The Golden Visa is also offered by other countries aside from the UK and Germany. From the lowest to the highest minimum of investment with a range of €175,000 to £2,000,000, Indian investors can choose to live in Spain, Greece, Portugal, Canada, UAE, United States, and Denmark among other countries.

This crucial investment is the free pass for whole families to enjoy a more prosperous life, having the opportunity to choose in crisis situations or when there are unexpected life-threatening situations as the actual pandemic is.

This right to choose, should you prefer to live in the UK for its national health service, or to invest in a potential business in a foreign country, will give you the assurance of a lifetime investment that benefits the whole family.