How to get the Spanish residence and travel to the country

Due to the pandemic crisis, countries are not given visa tourist temporarily. This means that international investors and all those people who want to travel to another country (as a tourist, to invest or to see familiars) they cannot do it. But there are other possibilities for this, such as Spanish residence.

The best option to get the Spanish residence is a bank deposit

However, there is a very attractive option available for all those who want to get the Spanish residence and travel and enter to the country. This route offers the resident visa through a bank deposit of €1.000.000 into a Spanish bank. With this visa the applicant, who must maintain the bank deposit, can travel to Spain as a resident with his/her family.

In this sense, during last months there has been an increase of the demand to make bank deposits as a way to get the Spanish residence. They are normally, international investors who want to invest in real estate and due to the crisis, they cannot travel to Spain and carry on the financial operation.

Who can make a bank deposit and acquisition process?

Any international investor that has reached the legal age of 18 years, has no criminal record, and has €1.000.000 can apply for this residence permit. It is not necessary to travel to Spain to make the bank deposit. Any international investor can empower Orience International who will open the bank account on applicant’s name.

Moreover, as we have said before, it is also possible to submit the request for their family members (spouse, children under 18 economically dependent).

Once the bank deposit has been done, the bank has to check and verify all the information. When all this process has finished, the international investor can apply for the residence, which it will take two or three weeks. Then, he will be able to travel to Spain and visit all the properties to invest on real estate.

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Benefits of the Spanish residence

These are the main advantages of getting the Spanish residence:

  • Visa-free travel to Schengen zone
  • Right to live and work in Spain
  • Entire family is eligible to the programme
  • Good quality life
  • Access to one of the best healthcare systems around the world
  • Access to an excellent educational system

If you are interest on the bank deposit, do not hesitate to contact us. Now It is a great moment to carry on the bank deposit option. Our team will help you and will stand by your side during all the process.