Working remotely from anywhere. Visa for digital nomads

More and more workers are going online as a result of the powerful global links brought about by the new digital age. The standard eight-hour workday in the office has changed. Today’s companies operate from nations far different from those in which they are headquartered. Thus, the visa for digital nomads was born. Malta, Spain, Greece and Portugal are the trendy places to become a digital nomad.

Spain has a thriving digital nomad community where hundreds of events are organized for graphic designers, investors and digital companies. But Spain is also known for offering the opportunity to relax, have fun and socialize. The country has a low cost of living. Its cuisine and culture are diverse wherever you go.

Like Spain, digital nomads can have a temporary residence visa in Portugal. Your visa can be extended, allowing you to stay in Portugal for more than a year. This digital nomad visa can even lead to your own permanent residency through the Madeira Digital Nomads project of the Madeira local government. Digital nomads can choose to live in villas, while enjoying free internet, coworking spaces and special activities at the Nomad Village in Ponta do Sol.

Similarly, Malta’s digital nomad visa also offers a one-year renewable stay. After maintaining employment while living in Malta for one year, a digital nomad visa can be applied for. In addition to the first three countries, Greece also offers a one-year digital nomad visa accessible online. The holder can also apply for a residence permit as a digital nomad before the visa expires. With this opportunity, the “Work from Paradise” project is a reality, said Crete Governor Stavros Arnautakis.

So how can you start working remotely?

First of all, secure your employment. A large number of companies offering online opportunities at a distance make working abroad possible. Today, many companies offer a wide variety of tasks for job seekers as freelancers and digital workers.

Next, decide in which city in Malta, Spain, Greece or Portugal you are going to reside. It is best to choose a metropolitan region with the best Internet connectivity and people.

The opportunities offered by this program are endless. If you want to know more, Orience’s professional assistance is at your disposal.