Citizenship by Investment in Dominica: 5 Reasons why

Investor’s businesses have been improved through Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Program for almost two decades. By investing in either real estate projects in the mountainous Caribbean island of Dominica candidates can now apply for citizenship and a second passport through the long-running program. Investments with government approval or by making a non-refundable donation to a government fund, the Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment is possible. Dominica, a member of the Commonwealth, is a well-liked investment destination.

Why opt for citizenship in Dominica?

  1. Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment is one of the most cost-friendly. Investors can donate $100,000 to the National Development fund of Dominica excluding other fees. For the real estate option, investors can buy a share for as little as $208,000 plus costs in a hotel project that has received government approval.
  2. Availing Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment empowers one’s passport. Once a Dominica passport is approved, one will not be required visa for entry into 153 nations. There are 132 countries and 21 territories among the 153 possible destinations that the Dominica passport is welcomed. China, Germany, the United Kingdom, and France, are four of the world’s greatest economies that Dominica has opened up to its passports.
  3. Some people describe their experience in Dominica as a discovery rather than a holiday. Known as the “Nature Island,” it protrudes from the Caribbean’s waters to serve as a beacon for tourists seeking relaxation in a special island with365 rivers, waterfalls, mountains, tropical forests, and hot springs. Given that Dominica is one of the unspoiled islands in the world and offers a variety of specialty resorts, it is the ideal haven for the ecotourism.
  4. Although there is no residency requirement for Citizenship by Investment program and application can be done online, many investors still wish to travel in Dominica. American Airlines increased its frequency of direct flights from Miami to Dominica every day. For Americans and the rest of the world, this opens up the island to more regular visitors, businesses and investments. Connecting flight from one of the neighbouring islands, such Barbados or St. Lucia, to Dominica is also available all year round.
  5. The island is regarded as a tax haven for both individuals and corporations, which are one of the main reasons why investors seek Dominica citizenship. No taxes on gifts, foreign income, or inheritance are required. As citizen choosing Dominica as primary residence, one would only be required to pay personal tax.