Why invest in Barcelona real estate?

Investing in real estate is not a decision taken lightly, since it is highly influenced by the motivations of the investor to choose a city to invest in, and this is especially the case whenever the person wanting to buy real estate is considering doing it overseas.

When it comes to international real estate, or property investment out of one’s own region, city or state. In terms of choosing the right country to invest in, many options can be taken into account, as each offer unique opportunities, but Spain, the Mediterranean country, has been an important center of real estate.

And for investment property in Spain, the opportunities are also considerable; since the country has many important regions with its autonomous communities. However, Barcelona has continuously been in the eyes of the world, because of its mix of beautiful cosmopolitan city, and an important European economic center.

Why choose Barcelona?

As with many other countries in the world, when thinking about Spain, but especially when thinking about investing in real estate in Spain, one would probably first consider Madrid, the capital and most important city in the country.

Of course, soon after researching, one usually find out that Spain is much more than only its capital, and that Barcelona, the second city in Spain, is an exciting opportunity for investors, thanks to factors as its history of economic thriving, its highly qualified workforce, and of course, the price of housing.

Barcelona is the second city in Spain by population and because it is not the seat of Spanish government. But, seen from a European perspective, Barcelona is one of the most important cities, as it receives millions of visitors wanting to see the amazing heritage of the Catalan architect Gaudi, and find the cultural offer of the Mediterranean city.

But, on a real estate standpoint, Barcelona has been projected to be one of the best places to invest in real estate in Spain, thanks to factors such as it importance in tourism. Also, now that Spain is recovering, more people are finding jobs, and the Catalan capital is an important economic center of the region.

Barcelona has ranked 8th in The World’s Best Cities 2021 report by the International consulting firm Resonance; no wonder the city is home for many expats, making this community account for 20% of the city’s population. Moreover, numerous international entrepreneurs choose Barcelona as the location of their business for its proximity to other neighboring countries in Europe and Africa, as well as the large and varied public that includes locals and non-Spanish citizens which ensures a successful business.

Advantages of buying a real estate property in Barcelona

Investing in real estate in Barcelona is a very good opportunity right now, and it is worth mentioning a few of the advantages of investing property in Barcelona:

The difficult crisis that attacked Spain in 2008 is finally over, or at the very least, Spain is in a much better position now. And one of the things that was attractive in the pre-crisis Spain, was the value of real estate.

Real estate in Spain is getting value once again, and Barcelona still have very good deals from the real estate boom in 2007 which will probably continue to appreciate.

  • Barcelona is an important city for tourism in the world

The industry of tourism is a very important one, either if directly doing business with tourism, or taking advantage of the opportunity of getting millions of visitors yearly, Barcelona is a great place to do business that require many clients to thrive.

  • Favorable location for leisure and business

Pleasure and work are often seen as not mixable, but this is not necessarily the case, and investors in Barcelona love the fact that the Catalan capital is such a good place for both, having a great time, and for making serious business. And this is also a good reason for why investing in real estate in Barcelona is a good choice.

  • Success cases of foreign investment

The second largest city in Spain has always been an attractive city to stablish businesses at, thanks to a mix of a great location, highly qualified workforce, and a sense of entrepreneurialship in Catalans; which have made many foreign investors happy.