Travelling to Spain for Summer 2021 with the Golden Visa Spain: Here’s What You Need to Know

If you are a holder of the Golden Visa Spain then you and your family are the lucky ones who can travel to Spain in 2021.

Since June 7, 2021, Spain is open to FULLY VACCINATED persons. Spain does not yet have a Covid-19 Passport but they are connected to the EU Digital Covid Passport Gateway.  

Who are allowed to travel to Spain this summer?

  • Travelers from most of the European Union and Schengen areas are allowed to travel to Spain without being subject to quarantine requirements as long as the infections rates in their country of origin are low.
  • Travelers from non-European Union Covid-19 safe countries that have an agreement with Spain are allowed to travel to Spain even if they have not been vaccinated. These countries are the following: Australia, China, South Korea, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Israel, Rwanda, Singapore and Thailand.
  • Travelers from the United Kingdom and Japan are no longer required to present Covid-19 test results or undergo quarantine upon entering Spain.
  • Travelers from the United States and other third countries are allowed to travel to Spain provided they have been FULLY VACCINATED with one of the vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and have received the vaccine 14 days before entering Spain. These are the vaccines produced by Pfizer, Janssen, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Sinopharma and Sinovac. These travelers must still provide a negative Covid-19 test result upon entry into Spain.
  • All persons crossing the land border between Spain and France must provide a negative Covid-19 test result.

Restricted entry for arrivals from several countries

Spain is one of the European countries that have been badly affected by the Covid-19 virus and had one of the most stringent lockdowns in 2020. Spain re-opened in the summer of the same year but experienced a massive surge. They locked down again in November until May 2021.

Spain would like to keep the Corona-19 virus under control and limit the number of cases imported from other countries. Therefore, they have very strict rules against specific countries.

  • Travelers from India are subject to a ten-day quarantine upon arrival in Spain.
  • Visitors from other countries not mentioned in any of the categories are still not allowed to enter Spain unless they have special permission to do so by the Spanish government.

 The following can apply for a Golden Visa Spain:

Exceptional entry authorizations are given to the following persons:

  • Residents of a country of the European Union, Schengen Associated States, Andorra, Monaco, the Vatican (Holy See) or San Marino who are on their way to that country. They must be in possession of a valid travel document and a residence card issued by one of the aforementioned States, including the Spanish Foreigner Identification Card (TIE).
  • Holders of a national visa (Type D) issued by an EU State or Schengen Associated State on their way to that country. The visa must be in force.
  • Health professionals, including health researchers, and elderly care professionals who are on their way to or from work.
  • Transport personnel, seamen and aeronautical personnel required to carry out air transport activities.
  • Diplomatic, consular, international, military, civil protection and humanitarian personnel in the exercise of their functions.
  • Students carrying out their studies in the Member States or Schengen Associated States who hold the relevant visa or foreign student card and medical insurance, provided that they go to the country where they are studying, and that the entry takes place during the academic year or the previous 15 days.
  • Highly qualified workers whose work is necessary and cannot be postponed or carried out remotely, including participants in high-level sports events that take place in Spain. These circumstances must be documented.
  • Persons travelling for duly accredited imperative family reasons.
  • Persons who, at the border, provide documentary evidence of force majeure or a situation of need, or whose entry is permitted on humanitarian grounds.
  • Persons vaccinated with one of the vaccines authorized by the EMA – European Medicines Agency or with those who have completed the emergency use process of the World Health Organization. They must be provided with a certificate recognized by the Ministry of Health of Spain.