Portugal Golden Visa for Indians, options of investment

The Portugal Golden Visa allows international entrepreneurs to widen their opportunities by investing in the huge digital and tech startup that Portugal offers. Furthermore, the country has a low cost of living, and ranks as one of the top safest countries in the world. The visa has different investment options, which will allow the applicant and their family members to get the residence permit, and then live, work or study in Portugal.

Process to obtain the Portugal Golden Visa

The process time of the visa is 90 days; however, there are no requirements to live in Portugal in order to obtain the permit. Once you acquire your Portugal Golden Visa, you will be eligible to travel within the Schengen zone without the need of any additional visa. 

Benefits of living in Portugal

The main reason entrepreneurs from around the globe are considering acquiring the Portugal Golden Visa is because the country is known as Europe’s hottest real estate market. Foreign investors are eyeing on properties all over the country to turn into a rental business, or to move in, for the many benefits that come from living in the country.

Portugal offers its residents a low-cost comfortable lifestyle that includes luxuries such as having the chance to enjoy some of the best food in top restaurants of the country, which is an affordable experience compared to other countries in Europe.

Another important asset of living in the country is the marvelous weather the Mediterranean country has: perfect temperature and climate throughout the year. Hence, Portugal has become home to many international entrepreneurs that share their knowledge and develop their business in the country, making Portugal a growing startup hub, which India, a potential superpower country, is part of.

Options for the indian population to obtain the Portugal Golden Visa

The Portugal Golden Visa is the most popular for Indians that are reaching to invest in a foreign property. Asides from the ideal Mediterranen weather, growing community of international entrepreneurs, and the good quality of life, the Portugal Golden Visa will allow Indian families a safe location to reside.

Due to the situation that the on-going pandemic has created, holders of this golden visa can relocate anytime in the safest country in Europe during the COVID-19. The country implemented a safety protocol in accommodations, and public places such as restaurants and shops to ensure the prevention of the spread of the virus.

Indian entrepreneurs that decide to live in the Mediterranean country through the Golden Visa Portugal will easily adapt because Portuguese people are good English speakers, making business transactions and everyday conversations more comfortable. This makes meeting people and forming new circle of friends an easy task in Portugal, whereas you will also have the opportunity to practice the native language.

Portugal Golden Visa through an investment

Wealthy Indians that decide to acquire the Golden Visa Portugal will be eligible to live, work and study in the country through an investment.

The most affordable option is the investment of  €280,000 in a rehabilitation project in a low-density area, if the property is not located in a low-density area, the acquired property and the renovation works must be equal to or be greater than €350,000.

Nevertheless, the best investment option available for the Golden Visa Portugal is by investing €350,000 in an investment fund, which will grant the applicant and their family members to legally stay in the country, and benefit from the advantages of the golden visa.

In addition, Indians becoming residents of Portugal brings the Indian and Portuguese startup ecosystems closer to facilitate joint innovation between the two economies, creating collaborations between inventors, incubators and aspiring entrepreneurs for both countries that will enable growth in their business.

To apply for the Golden Visa Portugal, Indian investors must prepare the legal documents and submit the application for residence. Upon its approval and payment of the permit issue fee, the residence certificate will be released with a validity of one year.

New regulations about the Portugal Golden Visa have been implemented recently by the Portuguese government. The changes are about the requirements of real estate and the capital transfers investment. These updates will take effect on 1st January 2022. You can see these changes by clicking here.

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