Majorican architecture, buy real estate in Mallorca

Known for its distinguished architecture, turquoise water, and splendid Mediterranean weather, Palma de Mallorca is one of the prime destinations for tourists and expats that decide to live in Spain. According to Statista, the capital and largest city of the Balearic Islands welcomes different nationals from a variety of countries every year, Germany and the United Kingdom being on top, with over 4.1 million and 2.4 million respectively. Not only does the island attract short-term visitors, but the exceptional beauty of the Spanish island, the easy lifestyle, and the stability that the city offers makes Palma the new home of choice for thousands of expats each year. In this article we will tell you why it is a good idea buy real estate in Mallorca.

Reasons to buy real estate in Mallorca

There are many reasons why international investors choose to buy real estate in Mallorca. Through investment, foreigners can acquire a visa that will let them live, work, and study in Spain.

Thus, families from all over the globe can reside on the island with the opportunity to experience the Mediterranean lifestyle, where the perfect balance between work and leisure, family and food is achieved.

Characterized by its splendid climate, dreamlike beaches, and singular architecture for its mixed Arabic, Spanish and modern features, Mallorca is a splendid place to live in. Furthermore, in spite of its small size, the island is well connected with direct flights to all major European cities. Son Sant Joan Airport in Mallorca is the third busiest airport in Spain after Barajas in Madrid and El Prat in Barcelona, with an average of 29.7 million passengers in 2019, providing several national and international airlines that offer connected flights to distant places all over the world that support the robust number of visits each year.

Majorican architecture characteristics

Another reason foreigners choose to buy real estate in Mallorca is for the exceptional architectural style characteristic of the island.

Houses all over Palma de Mallorca have distinctive elements that make the design of the buildings unique and stunning, wherein the main materials used are based on the regions they are located in. For instance, the use of stone in the construction of Majorican houses is because of the abundance of this material in the island. In the montane region of Tramuntana, the famous architectural style is the use of hard limestone; in Raiguer, the center of Mallorca, the use of stone and mud; and in Migjorn, in the south of the island, traditional buildings are made by hand-extracted stones from the seashores. Aside from the different forms of stones present in the architectural design typical in Mallorca, the use of wood, natural sunlight and terracotta colors are other ingredients present in their architectural design.

These features give the houses in the island the warmth and coziness that combined with the weather and the Mediterranean lifestyle, makes Mallorca an irresistible location to buy real estate.

Why residency in Mallorca is a good idea for Brits

As mentioned earlier, British are abundant in the Mediterranean island, not only as tourists but also as permanent residents of the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands. Mallorca has become the escape route for Brits that have had enough of the gloomy and stressful life in the UK, exchanging it for the paradisiac lifestyle and wonderful weather in the island. Architecture and location are also aspects that British have in mind when purchasing buy real estate in Mallorca.

Investing in a luxury villa in Tramuntana will ensure gorgeous views in a pleasant and relaxing home, which can be the location of your plan B home for expats that acquire their residency permit through investment.

This option could be perfect for Brits that have decided to move outside their country because of Brexit (exit of UK from Europe), as buying real estate in Mallorca will grant them the chance to live, work and study in the country: a dream come true for expats that want to reside in Mallorca, one of the best places to live in the world.

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