Golden visa Germany for Indians, why is a good idea

Germany is the largest and strongest economy in the European Union, and the fourth largest economy in the world, giving the country the title of the economic powerhouse of Europe. This has become possible because the country offers opportunities to residents that benefit both the residents and the economy of the country. Moreover, Germany is known for the quality of its high tech products, the superb infrastructure and the safety and security of investments, making the country the perfect location for entrepreneurs from India that want to invest in a business with guaranteed success. Indian investors are welcome to the country as there are various immigrations programs developed to support their business ideas, which have helped create a multicultural community within the country of prosperous families from different nationalities, with a high standard of living. In this article we will explain how to apply for the Golden Visa Germany.

Educational system, one of the benefits of the Golden Visa Germany

 One of the salient aspects that should be considered by Indians and other international families that are planning to reside in Germany is the opportunity to study in the country which includes top ranking schools.

German universities that place amongst the top slots in these rankings have their own international offices in India, attracting the interest of the families to reside in the country and enroll their children in some of the most prestigious schools, such as the University of Cologne, the Technical University of Munich and FU Berlin.

Indian students will be able to complete their course of studies in the country entirely in English, where they can choose from practical content in study courses, technical courses of study, or collaboration with the business world. Furthermore, students can apply to numerous scholarships or enroll in a German state university, which does not charge tuition fees, to avoid any financial obstacle in the completion of your studies.

Indian students choose Germany as the location of their schooling for it is proven that graduates from German universities and research institutions enjoy better career options in business and industry compared to graduates from other institutions in other countries.

Why the Golden Visa Germany is a good idea 

Since India does not allow dual citizenship, the best route for Indian entrepreneurs is to obtain the Golden Visa Germany, a residence permit through investment.

In order to apply for this permit, the investor must have an economic interest or a regional need involved, as well as the demonstration that his business will have a positive impact on the country’s economy. Then, investors must contribute €250,000 in real estate, and an additional investment of €100,000 in an ongoing regional development project, a total investment of €350,000.

This visa will allow the applicant, spouse and children below 18 years old to legally reside in the country for a period of 3 years. The principal investor will be expected to conduct his specified economic activity, while the other family members are allowed to take up any employment in Germany.

In addition, the permit holders are allowed to visit other countries within the Schengen area for up to 90 days per visit in each six month period.

When you can apply for citizenship

Should they opt to become German citizens, the family can apply for their permanent resident status (also known as the settlement permits) after 21 months within the 3-year period if they demonstrate that their German language level is at B1 intermediate level, or in 33 months if they prove that their German language skills are at least equal to A1 basic level.

To maintain their residence status, the permit holders must not leave the country for more than 6 months, either if they are still temporary or permanent residence permit holders. After 8 years of legally residing in Germany, applicants will be eligible to apply for German citizenship and obtain the German passport.

Indian citizens will automatically lose citizenship of India once they become a citizen of another country, because India restricts dual citizenship.

Nevertheless, holding a German passport will allow them to enjoy certain benefits, which includes having access to 188 countries and free movement within the entire European Union.