Foreign investment to obtain a residency in Europe, why is it a good idea for Indian investors

India is currently working on creating a partnership with EU countries to expand their business opportunities, as well as to strengthen the economy through foreign relations. The Joint Secretary of the Ministry of External Affairs in India, Sandeep Chakrovorty, refers to the EU as their largest trading partner and their second-largest destination for Indian Exports, enhancing the importance of the connectivity partnership through the European countries and India that will connect people to people, trade, business, and technology. The government of India is looking at their partnership with the EU with optimism, encouraging Indian entrepreneurs to venture for business opportunities towards the Northern Hemisphere by foreign investment.

Regardless of the challenges presented by the pandemic, the nations have continued to grow their union which is expected to boost over the years.

  • For instance, Belgium is one of the top EU trading partners for India, and plans for business opportunities between the two countries that include infrastructures and real estate are being prepared.
  • Poland is another country that relies on this partnership. The European country identifies India as an important pillar for economic policy and global dimension due to the trading in areas like fintech, cyber cities, drones, green technologies, Medtech and agritech, innovation, and research.

Moreover, the presence of Indian entrepreneurial people around the globe is inevitable, especially for the country’s involvement in Pharmaceuticals and its importance presently during this pandemic.

The partnership that India has with EU countries has led a great number of Indian entrepreneurs to obtain visas by foreign investment that will allow them to reside in an European country and travel freely within the continent.

Reasons for applying for the visa by foreign investment

India has the highest number of migrants in the world, and the numbers are only increasing through the years. There are 15.6 million people that were born in India and have migrated to other countries, which includes the wealthy citizens of India that decide to move to a country that has positive possibilities for successful business. Moving to a different country is a great way to improve their family’s way of living, as well as to ensure a plan B in a more developed country like the UAE, Germany or the UK.

More Indians are migrating to European countries through residence permits that grants them the opportunity to live in the country along with their family members, and benefit from the different advantages that comes with the residence, such as excellent health services and outstanding educational system.

Options to obtain the Golden Visa

The best way for Indian entrepreneurs to move to Europe is through a Golden Visa. The program provides a quick path to Indian investors that want to invest in real estate in exchange for a residency permit that will allow them to live, work and study in the country along with their families.

The golden visa is the chosen alternative for wealthy Indians that want to legally stay in a foreign country by foreign investment, since India does not allow dual citizenships. For instance, the UK allows Indian investors and their family members to apply for a Tier 1 Investor Visa, a residence permit granted to individuals who invest at least  £2 million in the country.

The Golden Visa Germany is another attractive investment option for Indians. Indian entrepreneurs that apply for this visa will have the chance to invest in a business with guaranteed success, for Germany is the largest and strongest economy in the EU. Regardless of the country the investors apply to, they will benefit from the different advantages of residing in a European country, as well as the possibility of visiting other countries within the Schengen area without the need of an additional visa.

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